Research Program – Urban Transformations

The research program, Urban Transformations, analyses, through a series of specific projects, the structural and psychological aspects of urban change over time; how the city’s functions, physical landscape and conceptual world have continuously shaped and reshaped each other. The program deals with institutions and circles of power, as well as everyday life and practices, which defined the development of the city. Odense is used as a starting point, but the analyses can be related to general research questions in all similar cases.

The program plays its part within an international field of research and will, with its long term aims and interdisciplinary approach, reveal a number of new aspects within the area. In the research subject itself, urban transformations, a new perspective is taken where the focus is not on continuity or rupture, but on procedural changes in the urbanisation’s functions, forms and expressions. An exemplification of how the research centre’s analyses have a role to play in current debate can be seen in the article Urban Transformations